TiRon & Ayomari – ‘Thing Go Right’ | Music Video

West Coast pair TiRon and Ayomari are still pushing the promotion for last year’s album, A Sucker For Pumps, but, hey, it was a dope album (“critically acclaimed” if you need a factual argument), so why not? The last visual offering we had from these two was the BJ The Chicago-assisted “Her Theme Song“, but Ti and Ayo have a good excuse for the long wait for this new clip.

Always coming up clutch in the creative department, the pair enlist Jason Madison to direct the video, which is filmed entirely underwater. I mean, they’re actually reciting their rhymes in a pool. Not just a pretty concept, however, the whole theme is a metaphor for the song’s message. I’ll allow TiRon and Ayomari do the explaining:

This video was inspired by the concept of people being in relationships they don’t want to be in. Holding their breath and biting their tongue instead of venting their frustrations….and eventually it all erupts and spills out. The relationships underwater are relationships built on dishonesty and secrecy in regards to their true feelings and emotions. Bottom line, if you’re in a relationship you don’t want to be in and you’re not speaking up…its time to get out of the water.