Tiron & Ayomari – “All My Love” ft. Yummy Bingham | Music Video

Earlier this year Los Angeles based emcees Tiron & Ayomari released their ode to females with their debut album  A Sucker For Pumps.  The project explored a wide variety of topics ranging from the way the media effects the way women perceive themselves with “Perfect,” being intimate and a little loud with “The Neighbors,” and this here gem, “All My Love,” featuring Yummy Bingham. 

The song samples Slick Rick’s classic “La Di Da Di,” and the visuals directed by Mike Mihail are simply adorable (perhaps not the best “hip-hop” word to say).  We see a young Tiron’s interactions with his father in the beginning of the video, showing his affection to a beautiful girl at school as well as the interactions with his PE Coach, Ayomari, and teacher Yummy Bingham.  Do yourself a favor, if you still don’t have Tiron & Ayomari‘s A Sucker For Pumps do it ASAP here, this is solely just a taste of what to expect– this project is easily one of the best releases of the year.