The Upperclass Men – ‘Vae Victis (Woe To The Vanquished)’ | Music Video

Described as a cross between The Roots and The Beastie Boys with the edge of Kanye West and Eminem, Brooklyn-based group The Upperclass Men have a pretty interesting and cool sound.

Composed of vocalist Mr. Harris and HD, who splits time between vocals and the drum machine, keyboard player Yanick St. Juste, guitarist Evan Lawrence, bassist Greg Aaron and Jacob Schaub on drums, the group is set to release its debut project Parachute this fall. Here is one of the first tastes of what listeners can expect from the project in the form of new visuals for their single, “Vae Victis (Woe to The Vanquised).”

The Mark Lieberman-directed video includes interesting cinematography courtesy of Brendan Walsh and Kyle Griffin and really helps build anticipation for the upcoming release.

The Upperclass Men’s “Vae Victis (Woe to the Vanquished)” single is available for download here.