The Streets ft Kano – “UKG ODYSSEY” | New Music

This song just reeks of a f**king great time!
The Streets and Kano reunite for this track from The Streets forthcoming Cyberspace And Reds mixtape and recreate that magic that sonically takes us back to an earlier time in the birth of the thing we now call Grime.
It’s great to hear these guys work together again and I’m hearing there might be more to come… *men in black suits rush out of the shadows to gag him*

made in the old way. from my cyberspace and reds mixtape, more lyrical pad work with kano on a bed of beats put together using all the original techniques once prevalent in our world. thanks again to magic for help on the buttons that for many will bring back memories of zed bias era breakstep. set to a series of images taken on my lomography film camera. these images form the background chiaroscuro vibes of my website. Mike Skinner