The Internet – “Dontcha” | Music Video

Unveiling what the duo describe as their “biggest/best song yet,” behold the video for “Dontcha” – an irresistible, delicious new cut from The Internet‘s soon-to-be released sophomore album, Feel Good.

Directed by Lacey Duke, crisp black and white visuals of the Odd Future affiliated pair [Syd The Kid and Matt Martians] performing with a band accompany Syd’s softly flirtatious melodies over the infectious, laidback groove produced by Chad Hugo and Michael Einziger.

It’s evident from “Dontcha” and prior leak “Partners In Crime Part Two” that the duo have upped their game in numerous ways; with Syd’s vocals sounding more refined and a cohesive, funk-filled soulful groove underlining their newer output. In fact the new album “sounds nothing like” their 2011 debut, Purple Naked Ladies, Martians warns; “we didn’t have the resources when we made that. all we had was a midi board and 5 dollars between us.”

“We wanted to make a project that might bridge a gap between generations…. Something to listen to with your parents…. I think we did well,” Syd says of The Internet’s new album, citing British acid jazz icons Jamiroquai as, “the reason we exist. Biggest inspiration for everything we do here on out.”

Producer Matt backs up these scintillating sentiments with the additional news that Feel Good is also inspired by “years of Isley [Brothers], [Erykah] Badu and Nerd,” with featured collaborations to include Yuna, Thundercat, Jesse Boykins III, Mac Miller, All Cows Eat Grass and Jeff Gitelman.

The Internet’s Feel Good LP drops on September 24th – and we can’t wait. Check out “Dontcha” below.

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