SuperHeavy – “Miracle Worker” | Music Video

To some I may be late, but hopefully this is a heads up to a few. SuperHeavy are a super band that comprise of a few random but incredibly talented individuals. Ready for it? Starting with the creators of the group, record producer Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) along with the flamboyant Mick Jagger (“Dances Like Jagger”/“Swagger Jagger”/The Rolling Stones front man). Sounds fair enough so far, right?

Throw UK songstress (with a US accent) Joss Stone into the mix, sprinkle A. R. Rahman (Indian record producer and film composer of Slumdog Millionaire fame), and last but by no means least, son of Bob, Damian Marley. Bet you’re are as surprised/confused as I was when a good old pal (@DanBean) informed me.

Stewart’s inspiration came to him via the sounds he heard at home in St. Ann’s Bay on the beautiful island of Jamaica, plus his affection for Indian orchestras. At time of press, there weren’t any reports of him seeing a burning bush. Jagger described the sound of the album as “It’s a bit odd,” to NME; Stewart told the Guardian it ranges “from reggae to ballads to Indian songs in Urdu.” They experimented at a studio in Los Angeles in 2009, trying to write songs which had meaning.

Sounds interesting. Good on them for giving it a go.

Debut single “Miracle Worker” features Jr. Gong, Joss and ever swaggerific Jagger flirting over this sultry reggae jam.

SuperHeavy release their self-titled album on September 19. Available to pre-order from Amazon here