Styles P – “Pop Out” x “Hoodie Season” | Music Videos

Styles P continues his audio-visual onslaught by dropping two more videos from latest project The World’s Most Hardest MCsharpening his knives for blood-soaked butchery in “Pop Out” then appearing in a more straightforward, World Star-style, street visual for “Hoodie Season“.

Pop Out” shows Styles, dressed in a butcher’s apron, lay down his claim to be the “world’s most hardest MC” by getting his hands dirty preparing a carcass for the industrial freezer. The Frank-G directed clip sees the former LOX man chop up meat on the slab with the same fury that he dismantles Vinny Idol’s brass-driven beat, and whilst it’s not for the faint-hearted (or vegetarians), it’s everything we’ve come to expect from The Ghost.

Hoodie Season“, which is less ferocious than the previous track (musically speaking), sees Styles loses the knives and turn it down a little. As P raps about his different hoodies, he sits and plays cards in a grimy tower block, keeping the sort of company you’d expect him to keep. There might not be any blood and guts, but it’s the got that raw feel all of his videos have.  Check it out below: