Starboy Nathan – “Diamonds” | Official Video

New video from Nathan of “Come Into My Room” and Big Brother fame. This is tight, and I can’t knock the man’s hustle but I just can’t rock with the whole ‘Starboy‘ thing. I mean I’ve liked Nathan from the days of his aforementioned debut, and I’ll support this project wholeheartedly, but just don’t make me call him ‘Starboy’. What’s a… I’ll leave it. Sorry bro.

Moving on… this is from Nathan’s forthcoming album 3D: Determination, Dedication, Desire on which he’s worked with Swizz Beatz and Angela Hunte (who featured on Magnetic Man’s “I Need Air” and penned the big-money chorus on “Empire State of Mind”). The Swizzy-produced track “Star” is a definite highlight, and with that album title, Starboy is the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m jesting, I bought “Come Into My Room” on vinyl… Check out the glossy video below – peep the slick dance moves. He’s stepped the levels up since those early days and fingers crossed this is the year that the likes of Nathan and FDM break through definitively.