Stalley – ‘Petrin Hill Peonies’ | Music Video

When Stalley released his Savage Journey to the American Dream mixtape under his then-new deal with Maybach Music earlier this year, some feared the bearded emcee would trade in his blue-collared stories for the incontestable boasts of the high life. I mean, we’d seen the exact thing happen just a few months prior (*cough* Wale *cough*).

And while the project was largely cohesive to the man’s roots – not to mention an impressive body of work, regardless – if there was one cut in particular you could use as an example of this, it’s “Petrin Hill Peonies,” which today receives its due video.

As its rich and small town-spirited instrumental plays out in the backdrop (or more acurrately, through the speakers of his client), Stalley gives a visual account of his days as a weed dealer. By the looks of it, he was moving some pretty potent shit.

Enjoy the latest clip from Savage Journey… below and grab the mixtape for free here if you haven’t already done so (in which case, tut tut).

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