Scorcher – ‘Rockstar’ (Dappy diss) | Music Video

The saga surrounding Dappy‘s much-talked-about “Tarzan 2” took another turn this morning when North London emcee Scorcher fired back at the former N-Dubz frontman’s random and apparently unprovoked shot on the controversial freestyle that dropped last week.

Scorcher doesn’t hold back in his reply, mocking Dappy’s appearance and diminutive stature, mentioning his cousin Tulisa’s now-infamous sex tape and cryptically referring to an incident in the North London town of Finchley. It’s a pretty solid diss track. You’ve got to wonder at this point whether it’s even in Dappy’s best interests to send back but, given his unpredictable nature, it’s futile attempting to guess what he might do.

Incredibly, Dappy’s track entered the UK singles chart at #35 last night, which is a fairly stunning feat considering it dropped mid-week, received no radio or television play and, most significantly, is a far cry from his official singles “No Regrets” and “Rockstar.”

Disregarding the legitimate fuss about the track and the column inches it was able to generate, might the success of this record stand as the first mark of a long-time-coming shift in the UK music industry or is Dappy a one-off artist with a uniquely active fanbase?

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