Saidah Baba Talibah – “(S)Cream” | Music Video

Toronto, Canada hailing rock soul songtress Saidah Baba Talibah unveils vibrant visuals to accompany the roaring vocals of the title track from her debut album, (S)Cream – due for release next month.

The daughter of jazz/blues singer and award-winning actress Salome Bey, Saidah describes the forthcoming album as “a collection of dreams, daydreams and realities, that speak from a place of fierceness, vulnerability, insecurity and assuredness,” adding, “(S)Cream has put away all childish games and is all grown up, but is still searching and getting comfortable in all of her cracks and bulges, turn ons and turn offs.”

“This is my coming out as a woman who likes to talk sex & sensuality, broken-heartedness, not taking anymore shit-ed-ness. I growl. I purr. I go to pretty places, harder places and naked places. I wish you joy, despair, heartbreak, inspiration and to be turned on.”

Check out the official video for “(S)Cream,” directed by Maya Bastian, and preview the full album below.