Py – “Black Magic” | Music Video

“Black Magic” is my introduction to London-based songwriter and vocalist Jade Pybus, aka Py, and it’s more than a little intriguing.

For one, the Kadabrah-produced track, which appears on Py’s recent Tripping on Wisdom mixtape, is a musically pleasing experiment. “Black Magic” begins with a spacey XXYYXX-style soundscape, but playful rhythms and Py’s own precocious vocals pull the rabbit out the hat and create a mischievous bit of wizardry, more than just another sultry songstress per se.

The visual, meanwhile, taps into the mixtape’s overall theme: the idea of a personal journey, of memories and wisdom collected on the road. Apparently Tripping on Wisdom features snippets of field recordings from Py’s travels between London and Brighton, and here we get the urban sounds of house music returning to nature. Recovering from whatever torment her retro phone brought her, Py drives herself (and her classic car) deep into the woods, where she has an old-fashioned dance with some colourfully-dressed female friends. It’s music for driving at nightfall, and it’s empowering in its own, mystical diva sort of way.

Watch “Black Magic” below, and download Tripping on Wisdom for free via Py’s artist page on Facebook.

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