Prodigy – “Without Rhyme Or Reason” | Music Video

With his latest project The Bumpy Johnson Album in stores now, Prodigy has decided to drop some visuals for one of the grittiest tracks from the previous solo album, H.N.I.C. 3.

The Daniel Czernilofsky directed video for opening track “Without Rhyme or Reason” shows the ex-Mobb Deep man rapping in the darkest depths of the hood, with smoke billowing around him and dead bird-life on the floor below.

Prodigy’s image- hardcore emcee in a hardcore setting- hasn’t changed too much over the years, and it doesn’t seem to be in any danger of doing so. Whilst some rappers would film “gritty visuals” in an abandoned gas station or on a well-known corner, Prodigy takes his “gritty” a step further. If you took the chain, the watch, the expensive street-wear etc. out of this video, the man of the streets would look like he’s living on the streets.

The image fits the sound. The Alchemist’s rough-edged production (dirty, chaotic drums; crooked vocal sample) combine perfectly with shots of Prodigy rapping raw atop a push-bike. If his flow isn’t necessarily what it used to be, none of the menace of Prodigy gone. Fact is, his craft is organic rather than scripted. As he says himself, “I do what I love I don’t follow no sequence”.

Take a look for yourself below. Prodigy’s latest project, The Bumpy Johnson Albumis available on iTunes.