Piff Gang f/ Louis M^ttrs – “Middle Finger” | Music Video

Piff Gang Middle Finger

With so many Rottweilers, balaclavas and baseball bats its hard to believe Piff Gang could produce such a soothing visual to accompany the equally pacifying “Middle Finger” but you know what? They did.

Featuring the creeping lulls of Louis M^ttrs, PG members Phaze What & Milkavelli lyrically lead the hypnotic piece that acts as a backdrop for a strangely mellow visual by Jack Loveday. It’s the type of ruckus that lives up to their inebriating sound that even baseball-shattered crockery can’t mute.

“Middle Finger” acts as a teaser for Piff Gang’s forthcoming and highly anticipated mixtape Pizzy that looks to drop very soon. Before all that though, be sure to hit play down below.