Oddisee – “After Thoughts” | New Video

The Beatury In All

In 2012, Oddisee gave us one of the best records of the year in the form of his debut studio album People Hear What They See. His talents as a producer and lyricist were left on the table for everyone to see and more importantly, so to was his resounding arsenal of potential.

Since the release of his debut, things have been left to stew and on October 1st, Oddisee’s highly anticipated follow-up The Beauty In It All will be released. In the meantime however, the Washington-based artist has left the vault ajar for the visual of the lead single “After Thoughts” to fly out.

The visual itself leads like a kaleidoscopic slideshow from your favourite Tumblr page, fleeting from idyllic landscapes to cordial experiences captured by the man behind the scope, GM.

In a sporadic snatch of thoughts and memories that could be featured as the end credits for the film Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Oddisee’s visual for “After Thoughts” picks up exactly where your ears would expect; a lofty, amalgam of sights and feelings identical to the original track.