Nemo Achida – “BIG Lights, DEEP Shades” [Video] x Goodbye Brooklyn EP

In keeping with Soulculture‘s tradition of putting our faithful readers on to new dope music, I would like to introduce to you Kentucky bred Hip Hop artist Nemo Achida.
The now New York based emcee has quietly been building a fanbase of his own back over the last eighteen months to two years with the release of a slew of stellar projects such as Digital Dan, Sob StoriesThe North Star EP and his acclaimed 2010 sefl produced track “memories“, was chosen by Talib Kweli to be featured on The Community Mixtape presented by Kweli and Mick Boogie.

I stumbled across a Nemo’s music about six months ago as I was scouring the interwebs for music by an artist whose name I couldn’t spell. Not only was I impressed with the content of his lyrics but I was also impressed by the overall concept delivery of his projects.

Fast forward to June, the talented emcee released his third project of the year entitled the Goodbye Brooklyn EP [Listen/Download below], featuring five dope tracks that are of the same high standard of his previous work. Here’s what Nemo had to say about this EP:

Yo! 6 months ago I left my family, friends, & relationship back in Kentucky on the pursuit of opportunity. During this period I was inspired, enlightened, & BROKEN. One thing realized is that, you don’t know what you’re missing until you’re standing around those who have it. New York City has always been associated with the conquering of dreams, while Brooklyn specifically associated with the greatest MC’s. This tape is about Lyrical-growth. All of the music compiled on this 15 minute tape are moments, exaggerations, & extremes from my life, a journal even. I didn’t create this for “hype” or “buzz”, I wanted to document my experience….& rap just so happens to be my only outlet, whomp :::. ENJOY!

Download… Nemo Achida – Goodbye Brooklyn EP

Below is some Dylan Knight directed visual dopeness of “BIG Lights, DEEP Shades” that Nemo released earlier this week. Enjoy!

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