Nas – “Nasty” Video Outtake [Photos]

Whilst the Hip Hop world awaits the return of Nas with the flame lit by new song “Nasty,” director Jason Goldwatch unveils a few behind-the-scenes shots from the world renowned Queensbridge lyricist’s video shoot. Produced by Salaam Remi, “Nasty” is the first cut from Nas’ upcoming album Life Is Good

Nas – “Nasty”:

“The below frames are what happens when youre Stedi-Caming through a Real Apt. in the Queens Bridge Housing Project, managing that balance. We had blown through 4 or 5 takes and the choreographed camera moves were finally falling into place.The bumping into walls, tripping on each-others feet, and skipping playback had been worked out,” writes Goldwatch.

“This time, as soon as I yelled ‘action,’ a room way towards the rear of the Apt. opened up. This door had been locked all night, and with out warning, in the middle of our take an ancient gorgeous Grandma comes out in her panties and a thin shirt, and she does not give a fuck……. NAS with such poise and with out skipping a beat, kissed her on the Cheek and tried to keep it together. Great times. Pow! NASTY ass video coming soon.”

Check out some stills from the day below – and stay tuned for the video.

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