Machinedrum – “Eyesdontlie” | Music Video


Taken from his latest LP, Vapor City, drill n’ bass master Machinedrum releases the visuals for lead single “Eyesdontlie” – an aptly trippy and psychedelic experience, depicting an animated train journey through what appears to be the recesses of the producer’s mind.

As the track builds along an ambient synth, we are treated to some synced strobing before the ear-shatteringly fast drum beat comes in, causing the visuals to melt and merge into a monochrome optical illusion. As the much needed breakdown arrives, neon colour splashes into the static and hazy visuals before ending with a wash of light, colour and movement as the track crescendos.

The video is a perfect synaesthetic accompaniment to the song and should be watched preferably completely sober. Vapor City is available to purchase now.