Lady Leshurr – ‘Like A Winner’ | Music Video [+ Lyrics]

I make no secret of my Leshurr fan-dom. A future star for sure, rapid flow Birmingham spitter Lady Leshurr drops a basic but endearing D-I-Y video for “Like A Winner” from her recent DJ Whoo Kid-hosted mixtape, 2000 And L.

If you haven’t yet checked out 2000 And L it’s a fair introduction to the rapper, offering nine tracks with a strong US twist owing to the project’s host and production by The Haitian SuperHeroes (aka Whoo Kid and Red Spyda). – Download your free copy of 2000 and L here.

Press play and take a sniff.

“Like A Winner” LYRICS

Verse 1:
That’s what I tell them cus as soon as I step in the spot they’re eyeing me
Straighten up iron me
Men are treating me like couches they wanna rely on me
Get it?
Re-lie on me
Check it
The irony
Light girls think they’re Tyra Banks okay I’ll be Naomi
And I’m feeling like a winner
Pockets getting bigger
My bank account is nice it’s looking like my figure
But the only thing that needs work is my thighs I need them thicker so
I’ma work my azz off
Asta La Vista
I work my butt off but I still got a round thing
I still do my damn thing
It’s my name they’re chanting like
What you thinking?
I ain’t thinking bout nothing because I’m winning how you feeling?


Verse 2:
I smell like I’m winning
Must be Charlie Sheening
Sick of telling all these girls they must be hard of hearing
Pains the hardest feeling
Brains got bars with meanings
I can pull a few strings but I’m hardly an Ed Sheeran
And everyday man I gotta get it in and
I gotta keep working gotta keep grinning
I’m on my grind every second every min
I’ma go to the top and ignore the ceiling
Don’t wanna go jail but I’m bout to make a killing
If you want help more then willing
And everywhere now my name is appearing
It’s magic cus they’re disappearing
I got these chicks in the bathroom becah they’re P’d off
I get them fired whilst I’m fired with the D off
Lesh hot
P off
They know how to answer when I phone – Steve Jobs