Killer Mike f/ T.I., Bun B x Trouble – ‘Big Beast’ | Music Video

Killer Mike goes into serious beastmode in the latest video from his R.A.P. Music album. For “Big Beast,” Bigga brings T.I., Bun B and Atlanta’s own Trouble along for the ride in an extended-length, action-packed and highly-cinematic clip.

Director Thomas C. Bingham helms this nine-and-a-half minute bloody crime drama, orchestrating the excitement which includes car chases, topless women in face paint, a dude getting his lip cut off with a straight razor, another dude getting his body chopped in half (nice driving, El-P!) and yet another dude getting killed. With an ax. To the head.

Beast shit, indeed.

Obviously, this one ain’t for the faint, so proceed with caution

R.A.P. Music is available now.