K.i.D – ‘Go Outside’ | Music Video

Life indoors won’t let you breathe, we can go outside, outside where we’ll be free” sings 18-year-old K.i.D on “Go Outside,” his latest track to hit the interwebs. Echoing the thoughts of many stuck inside on the most beautiful of days, the singer/rapper addresses the ills of a technology-centered world and the beauty of what Earth provides – all in a peaceful and enrapturing voice, with equally-enrapturing production and visuals to boot.

Personally I find nothing to fault, barring the fact that no one (including myself) knows (or can find) anything about this talented individual. If this track is anything to go by, however, this is sure to change with time. He is currently working on an album, Beautiful Loser, the follow-up to his debut project Super Duper.

Check out the track and accompanying visuals below. Are you feeling it?

via: hypetrak