Jesse Boykins III x MeLo-X – “Black Orpheus” | Music Video

Jesse Boykins III and MeLo-X unveil the visual for their hypnotic ZULU GURU single “Black Orpheus” and it’s as rich and sensuous as the music itself.

Whilst on the one hand, the Dr Woo-directed video flirts with mythology and metaphysics, depicting JB3 and MeLo-X as mystical Kings-cum-Voodoo deities, it also has a tactility which is much more instant. Rather than being rendered static in the pair’s seemingly dark painting, the male and female characters depicted on canvas are brought to life by dashes of touch and colour. At one moment, blue paint falls upon a naked body, at another candle-wax webs the hands, and to keep it moving, lithe bodies change shape in a well-choreographed Dionysian trance. You can almost feel the song through the screen, and that sort of raw physicality is rare in a music video. I’m puzzled as to whether Jesse and MeLo-X are meant to be good or bad spirits, but I’m left in no doubt that they’re powerful ones.

Watch for yourself below, the read our review and cop ZULU GURU  HERE.