Jahlil Beats – “Get Money” | Music Video

Roc Nation producer Jahlil Beats might be best known as the dude who crafts hits for Meek Mill and other aggressive rhymers to do damage on, but it’s clear that the Pennsylvania-hailing beat-maker wants to be more than just a faceless production wizard. With the recent release of his 21-track Legend Era tape, the man behind “I’m a Boss,” “Flexing” and “Burn” seeks to establish himself as a power in his own right.

The project includes a collection of Jahlil Beats’ best tracks from the past year with the rappers that appeared on them, but also includes this track “Get Money,” in which he tries his hand at rapping. Whilst it isn’t his first attempt at bringing his skills to the mic (he dropped a free rap EP in July), I’m still not sure what to make of his decision to follow the Hit-Boy path.

Here’s the visual for “Get Money,” which shows the rapper/producer flaunting fame and females in a dimly-lit basement pad. There’s plenty of fancy camera and light work, as you’d expect from someone making Roc Nation money, but for me Jahlil Beats lacks the presence as a rapper which his signature beats demand.