How To Dress Well – “& It Was U” | Music Video

How To Dress Well‘s Tom Krell links up with Urban Outfitters to release a visual for “& It Was U“, the marvellous gospel-house jam from his second album Total Loss

Whilst Krell himself doesn’t appear in the clip, director Luke Gilford nonetheless conjures up a memorable, cinematic accompaniment to the track. His visual, inspired by Todd Haynes’ Julianne Moore-starring ’95 drama Safe,  serves as a sort of bizarre meditation on faith, with a young, flamboyantly-dressed spiritual leader at its centre. Riding a golden Segway into town, the would-be divine teenager turns up at some sort of prayer meeting, and is greeted by ecstatic believers and casual levitation.

Krell commented that the video “is about the insatiable need to believe…It captures a group of people in a very personal and very eccentric spiritual ritual, and showcases all the different ways these different people experience something magical.”

I thought it was quite amusing to be honest. Watch for yourself below, and if you haven’t already got your copy, buy Total Loss via iTunes now.