Homeboy Sandman – ‘Mine All Mine’ | Music Video

There are rappers that can’t actually rap, and there are rappers who haven’t mastered the integral, technical aspects of emceeing, like their flow. Homeboy Sandman is not one of those rappers. His flow is just masterful.

As with most origin stories, the Elmhurst, Queens, emcee seemingly burst out of nowhere to see his stock suddenly rise, earning him a passionate fanbase and a deal on Stones Throw. Taking his name from the famous Marvel character, it’s fitting that he almost always displays a supernatural ability to tear up beats with comic book strength. What makes him so unique is that in an industry filled with identical characters, his style and persona are truly idiosyncratic and fresh, as embodied by his original flow and use of rhyme schemes.

Homeboy, like all good wordsmiths, shapes rhymes, moulds them with meaning, and colours them with an inimitable style, fitting his lyrics within the constructs of the beat to make a song even better. Just watch his newly released video for “Mine All Mine” (an excellent track off the Subject Matter EP) for proof.

Homey gives all watching emcees a lesson in songmaking and rhyming. No matter the subject matter, dude always has an interesting way of commanding your interest.