Help to create Michael Jackson’s new “Behind The Mask” music video

Sony Music and the Jackson Estate have announced that they will be launching a collaborative project whereby Michael Jackson fans can contribute to the music video for ‘Behind The Mask’ – his upcoming single from the album Michael.

The project will begin March 7th at this website, where:

First, users select a move, a lyric, or a crowd reaction; performers can even demonstrate their own moonwalk, the anti-gravity lean or the toe stand. Then, using the site’s split-screen template, contributors can shoot their move right on the website with their web cam (or their video camera) and upload their clip at the precise time it occurs in the video.

After the worldwide community has come together and done their part, the director will select the top clips and weave them into this historical work of Michael Jackson video art. The final results of The Behind the Mask Project will be unveiled during the first week in April.

As we all know, Michael Jackson delivered groundbreaking videos in his career, so it seems fitting that this concept would carry forth his legacy.

‘Behind The Mask’ is a JAM as well, so I look forward to seeing the results of this project. Might even get involved, bust a little Moonwalk, you know how we do.