Havoc – ‘Separated (Real From The Fake)’ | Music Video

No matter how much he claims innocence, Havoc‘s “Separated (Real From The Fake)” is surely a diss towards his (former?) Mobb Deep running mate, Prodigy. As we await the release of his solo album, 13 (due out November), Capital H gives his aforementioned track its official visuals, leaving himself with less of a case that it’s all hood between the Queensbridge duo.

In the clip, the producer-emcee is seen taking the streetcorner stand to deliver his sermon, which includes lines like: “Separate the real from the fake, the fake from the real/ Wipe that little smurk off your grill, n*ggas must be sniffing out the bills/ I helped your f*cking mind, you probably popped too many pills/ And when we bring it to you, the fear run through you, and paralyze thoughts.”

Also shown throughout the clip is a tall and skinny character (resembling the pre-muscle gain Prodigy), whose flashiness and recklessness constantly grates on Havoc, until gets to shaking the sh*t out of him.

The producer half said himself in a recent interview that Mobb Deep are on hiatus “indefinitely”, but as fans, we’d rather you settle your differences off wax, please. No one wants to see the M-O-B-B lose their Infamous reputation.

Make your own judgement on the “beef” by pressing play below.