Harold Green III – “Something To Live For” | Poetry Video


Harold Green, III  definitely has “Something to Live For” and shares his emotions with in this clip. In his most recent video, Green gives an inspiring ode to fatherhood and more specifically, his love and admiration for his own young son.

At a time when Green’s hometown of Chicago is desperately trying to curb and heal from gun violence and countless deaths among its youth, “Something To Live For” resonates warmly, a balm in contrast to the city’s cold weather and circumstance. 

Shot by Adrian Walker, the vid features Green steadfast in the center of Chicago railroad tracks passionately competing with the blare of steam trains in the distance. His poetic intensity is not unlike his daily competition against the troubles of the world as he works to protect not only his own son, but the hundreds of children he looks after as an educator and coach. He makes it known: “these streets can’t have you…” Press play below.