Gucci Mane – “Truth” (Young Jeezy diss) | Music Video

Gucci Mane isn’t losing any time escalating his beef with Young Jeezy. We brought you this diss track on Saturday and Mr Zone 6 is back almost immediately with some visuals by way of accompaniment.

In the video for “Truth” he’s in the back of a custom Bentley, alone and looking rather belligerent. One minute he gesticulates, shushing his opponent, the next he moulds those gold grills into a menacing sneer, hounding the close-up. Only his mouth, chains and Rolex light the shady back seats; Jeezy famously put a £10,000 bounty on that chain in 2005 and Gucci seems to be saying “I’m still here.” In case we forgot the title of the track, the words “The Truth” flash up in aqua green caps from time to time, but then subtlety isn’t what this is about.

The ball is in in Jeezy’s court now, how’s he going to respond?

Gucci Mane’s new mixtape, Trap God, drops on 17th October.