Flying Lotus premieres “Tiny Tortures” starring Elijah Wood | Music Video

Flying Lotus has been busy being Captain Murphy lately, but here’s one for those interested in Steven Ellison as FlyLo the esoteric producer, in the form of a new visual for “Tiny Tortures,” starring part-time hobbit and full-time actor Elijah Wood.

The visual plays out like a short film, depicting Wood as a young man with one arm, mocked by images of his past life and the DreamCast staring cruelly at him. By some seemingly drug induced dream, the protagonist’s room comes to life and rebuilds his body, transporting him to a colourful world where he’s fully formed, but it’s a transient state. Soon after we see Wood yielding a bat as well as anyone, David Lewandowski‘s clip takes a brutal turn. When you wake from your illusion, the reality of loss is a thousand tiny tortures.

Watch the clip below, and read our review of FlyLo’s Until The Quiet Comes, on which this track appears.