’90s Classics feat. Adriana Evans, Whitehead Brothers, Janet Jackson, TLC, Monica & More | Video Flashback

Adriana Evans

It was my getting old-day recently; yet another rude awakening that my 30s will soon come a-knocking. The plus side of being an old-timer is the clarity of memory of classic tunes from the last golden era of R&B. So I’m back with more jewels to make you go all gooey with nostalgia.

Adriana Evans – “Seeing is Believing…”

The honey-licious Adriana released her self titled first album during Neo-Soul’s height in 1997. She is still going strong even though the kind of success that beset Erykah Badu and others has eluded her. I suspect Miss Evans might have been a casualty of the Neo-Soul backlash. Oh well, ‘Seeing…’ remains for me one of the best debut singles of the 90s if not beyond. A damn good tune, a great showcase for her angelic tone and a very classy vid. Why this wasn’t a monster hit I’m not sure I’ll ever understand.

Goodfellaz – “Sugar Honey Iced Tea”

Really and truly this should have made it into my One Hit Wonder list; it was a mere oversight. 1997 was the year again. Solid tune from the Goodfellaz boys. Unfortunately their follow up was a lot more pedestrian.

Whitehead Bros – “Forget I Was A G”

As far as I’m concerned this really needs no introduction. ‘You’re Love is A 187’?-pah! It isn’t a patch on this. The guitar riff and bassline of ‘..I Was A G’ alone easily makes it one of the greatest R&B/soul songs of that decade. A stone cold classic. Everybody sing, ‘Get down and pray…’

Ahmad – “Back In The Day”

Thought I had to post this one after Jazzy Jeff gave a nod to it on his Summer classics mixtape. It’s the rally-call for reminiscing.

Portrait – “Lovin’ U Is A’Ight” and Nicole Renée – “Strawberries”

I couldn’t choose between these two. Both use the same sample. Portrait used it first back in the great summer of 1995 and I prefer what they did with it. Still, Nicole did a good job too and hers was the bigger hit (video was a bit of a let down though). I recall having the single on cassette circa 1998. Come to think of it, Nicole was hailed by some music journos as the female Prince; whatever became of her? Another case for the One Hit Wonder file.

Janet Jackson – “Go Deep”

Once again I had this single on cassette. There was a really funky Timbaland/Missy remix too. Very underrated Janet tune.

Les Nubians feat The Roots – “Tabou” (Remix)

It’s a brave soul that takes on a Sade cover, let alone one as perfect as ‘Sweetest Taboo’. Nevertheless this dreamy B-Side of the ‘Makeda’ single by Afro-Francophone sisters Les Nubians shows it can be done and beautifully so. Black Thought’s 16 bars sit so well in the middle too.

Monica – “Like This and Like That”

I must admit I’m not a Monica fan; her voice was always a little too affected for me and she comes across as a bit of an ice maiden. Yet there’s no denying those singles from her first album ‘Miss Thang’ were pretty damn special. ‘Like This and Like That’ is an absolute blinder. Plus Malik‘s rap is so hard not to like!

Toni Braxton – “Another Sad Love Song”

Again, I’m not a Toni fan for similar reasons to that of Monica but this anti-love song anthem (and I am a fan of those) is possibly her finest hour and a large feather in Babyface‘s already impressive cap. Although I’m more partial to the album version I posted the mix below because I’ve always liked the ad libs towards the end.

Here’s a bonus video. TLC – “Creepmight seem an obvious choice and it is; more so than I’d usually allow. However I just discovered this delicious, sparsely arranged, smoothed-out remix by Eddie ‘You Know What’s Up’ F. Enjoy.

Phew so many from which to choose and so many that didn’t make it in this time around. I suppose I’ll have to do another one again soon.

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