Fabolous kicks a Brooklyn Nets freestyle [Video]

Check out this short freestyle by Fabolous as he represents for new NBA team the Brooklyn Nets, formerly the New Jersey Jets.

Whilst it’s Jay Z who owns a small percentage of the team franchise, Fab seems to have been chosen as the team’s voice. Back in September, it was he who responded to Lil Wayne‘s “I don’t like New York” comment with a track entitled “So NY”. And here he is again, for the first episode of NBA TV’s The Association, which chronicles the Nets’ return to Brooklyn.

Walking through the streets of BK, the locally-born rapper shouts out his area code and drops some wisdom; “You know this the home base, you know this the crib, realest thing you come across, you know that’s the Bridge/ Listen son my lucky number is 718/  Cant question our hunger we leave the plate clean…we’ve been shining, y’all just wasn’t looking yet, The Association, Brooklyn Nets“.

Hopefully we’ll hear a full track from Fab soon.