Duchess ft Scorcher – All The Boyz | Official Video

After a barren spell of what seems like forever, British R&B/Pop girlgroups seem to be a dime a dozen these days, with a new gaggle of formulaically attractive-but-talent-handicapped women crawling out of the woodwork on an almost weekly basis.

For the first three minutes of its existence, this single from Duchess pretty much follows that formula – scantily clad hotties writhing occasionally? *check* Auto-Tune? *check*, generic “club” instrumental? *check*, phoned-in rap verse? *check*. Then suddenly, as Scorcher‘s guest appearance draws to a close, the beat and vocal switch entirely, and the song becomes genuinely interesting for 20seconds. It sounds a bit like a track by The Weekend and is a genuinely unexpected direction for it to take.

The lesson here is that somewhere amongst the dredges of an average-to-awful song, you can find 20seconds of brilliant respite. And also, despite my weary cynicism, much like “All The Boyz” referred to in the song’s title, I already have a favourite member of Duchess. And, as a final thought, I happen to know for a fact that these girls can sing, which is probably what irks me the most. Maybe at some point they’ll release a record that demonstrates that fact. Until then, enjoy…