DJ Day – “Land Of 1000 Chances” | Music Video


Released a few weeks ago yet still buzz worthy, we might have slept on this one. DJ Day‘s Land Of 1000 Chances is a funk-fueled relaxation rest stop for those more concerned with sipping a Mai Tai on a Summer’s day than a cup of cocoa locked in a snow-covered cabin.

With recording sessions already laid down with Giles Peterson, the California native is one of the few DJ’s who falls under the same creative category as DJ Shadow, DJ Qbert, and DJ Yoda. Painting pictures for those that need help in visualising sounds, DJ Day’s debut full-length is definitely something for the lover of two turntables and a mixer.

Taking it back to the roots of fusing both soul and hip-hop together, the tranquil beats mixed with atmospheric vocal samples will remind listeners of a day when Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell reigned supreme with pure unfiltered soul, or when Eric B & Rakim shocked the world with their groundbreaking mixture of aggressively soulful sounds.

Take a ride with DJ Day and download Land Of 1000 Chances here – but before doing that, peep the video for the album’s lead single of the same name below.