Danny Brown – “Dope Song” | Music Video

Danny Brown Dope Song

Much like Danny Brown’s interchangeable persona, Old is separated into two halves. Side A being a introspective, more traditional take on hip-hop while Side B retains his more perplexing attitude we’ve come accustomed to. In short, Side B is the kind of side to spit in Side A’s face before falling into an acid-induced coma. Guess which half “Dope Song” lands on.

The psychedelic visual follows on from the similarly themed “Dip” in which Danny cruises through his hometown of Detroit with a dubstep backdrop and a colour palette only attained through the trippiest of trips. The contrast both sonically and visually between the 2 sides of Old is very interesting, its one that’s explicitly taken advantage of when these videos arrive. The extremes are purposely huge to accentuate the idea of the album and it works perfectly even if my vision is left temporarily impaired.

“Dope Song” appears on Danny Brown’s third studio record Old which was released today and if you’re yet to get your hands on a copy, check out the Motor City, trippy visual to “Dope Song” down below before you pay iTunes a call.