Cory Jreamz – “Alive” | Music Video

Cory Jreamz

Following up from the success of “Howl” and its visual counterpart, the auspicious Houston based artist Cory Jreamz returns once more with his new video “Alive”.

Channeling the dark ambience of the track, produced by Treyshawn & Jreamz himself, the visual juxtaposes soft, hazy tears with sharp, clinical incisions that conclude the creative ambitions of the young artist.

Many new artists tend to lean towards this more artistically, calculated visual (lets blame Kanye) however Cory brings an unique, honest level of understanding that eludes many so-called creative artists. For this reason the self-proclaimed Black Marlon Brando is quickly coaxing fans, bloggers and record labels alike with his absorbing, infectious flows so expect to hear more from Cory Jreamz.

However, one step at a time, so until then “Alive” is right below awaiting your cursor.

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