Camp Lo – ‘Did You Know’ (prod. by Ski Beatz) | Music Video

Bronx duo Camp Lo jumped back onto the scene last month with their Ski Beatz-produced EP Fort Apache, now the MCs best known for their 1997 hit “Luchini” drop the project’s first visual, “Did You Know.”

Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede still have the same cocky, 70s-esque swagger they’ve always had, and director Takeshi Fukunaga captured every bit of it in “Did You Know.” Though the song doesn’t quite hit the staggering heights the group set 15 years ago with “Luchini” (that song was so dope, it’s kinda hard to), Ski, who also produced the aforementioned classic, laced it with enough bounce and groove to make it satisfying.

Here’s another piece of somewhat-related info you might not have known: back in the day, when Jay-Z first heard the beat that eventually became “Luchini,” he told Ski he wanted it for Reasonable Doubt. Ski didn’t give it to him, though, ’cause Camp Lo had already laid their verses on it. In the same vein, the beat for Jay’s classic “Politics As Usual” was originally a Camp Lo track, but Jay managed to get Ski to let him have it instead. In fact, the only reason “Luchini” was even made was because Ski gave the “Politics As Usual” joint to Jay and needed another horn-driven beat to give Camp Lo in its place. If that hadn’t happened, we would have never heard either record the way we know them today.

True stories, man. Don’t say I never taught you nothin’.

Download Fort Apache here, and check out the “Did You Know” clip below.

[Props: DD172]

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