Bambu – “Lean” | Music Video


Dropping visuals for a song taken from his 2012 release …One Rifle Per Family, LA rhymer Bambu stands in a dimly lit room to deliver the trippy “Lean.” Incorporating the use of movie sound bites, a distorted piano loop, and vinyl static, it comes off sounding like something that might have come off of Three-6-Mafia‘s haunting 1995 debut Mystic Stylez.

The video itself sees Bambu switch outfits from regular urban apparel to army fatigues (whilst brandishing a rifle) and back again, all during which a series of animated messages jump in and out of sight. Aside from having a message, like much of his music, the hypnotic beat is enough to take your mind away on this one.

Pick up …One Rifle Per Family on iTunes.