Ayomari – “I Wanna (Journey)” | Music Video

Man… Watching this video just reminds me that my better half and I NEED to take a holiday ASAP! *Sigh*

Now I’m not familar with Ayomari, but when I got this in the black hole that is my inbox, I put it on my on my Sunday Listening list which is usually sometimes mostly filled with “I wish this was on a CD so I could dash it out of a window while doing 100 miles an hour” aka not very good ish.

But this shit right here… I dig!

Taken from the Atlanta raised/Los Angeles based artist’s project The PB&J Solution, “I Wanna (Journey)” is that slice of playfully fun Hip Hop that is so damn refreshing nowadays. Plus I dig the really cool visuals by PushOneSTOP (Eric Thompson)
Take a peek below.

After the jump Freeload/Listen to Ayomari‘s The PB&J Solution in its entirety.
<a href="http://thecafeterialine.bandcamp.com/album/the-pb-j-solution">The PB&amp;J Solution by The Cafeteria Line</a>