Angela Ricci – “Lazy Love” | Music Video

In an age where classic soul music seems to have diminished in significance, it’s always uplifting to see authentic artists revive the sound. Natural acoustic sounds are the basis of all music’s origins and when coupled with a truly striking voice, the result is always emotive.

Angela Ricci is one such artist making moves to imprint her version of original soul music on the scene and is doing so with captivating grace, poise and control.

Her single “So Good” debuted on SoulCulture last year and now, her latest single, “Lazy Love” continues to show her ability to produce fresh music that’ll have old school and Neo soul fans in rapture. Produced by Aaron Paul, the combination of warm keys and soft guitar allows Angela’s vocals the space to float in and out of the song. Edenic Records is Aaron’s production house and you’ll only find quality musicianship on any of the tracks he touches.

“Lazy Love” tells a story of the contrasting intensities of love within a relationship. Angela speaks on the comfort and convenience that people seek, all the while professing her commitment to being fully immersed in the true essence of love. With the video shot in a casually cinematic fashion, situated in the Italian town of Modena, the whole production of this piece of art is authentic through and through and a genuine pleasure to experience sonically and visually.