Angel ft Giggs – “Popstar” | Official Music Video

This is new from one of Island’s more recent “urban” signings, R&B singer/songwriter Angel, taken from his forthcoming 7 Minute Before Time EP. He’s a relatively accomplished songwriter, having signed a publishing deal with Universal back in 2009 and has reportedly penned tracks for the likes of JLS and Cheryl Cole, as well as writing the chorus for Roll Deep‘s #1 single “Green Light”. Big money moves.

In some ways, “Popstar” is an anthem – the beat is epic and it works as a statement of how far this scene has come, making legitimate popstars out of people who couldn’t dream of even getting a look in just five years ago. That shot of Angel walking into the Universal building is beautiful.

The thing is though, R&B guys singing about how road they are has always irked me – if we’re being honest, it’s  a complex these singers have that nobody else is really that bothered about. Angel can sing, that much I know, and that’s all I really care about. Leave the rest of that stuff to Giggs, he does it better anyway. On the subject of which, the South London rapper touches this joint with the casual authority we’ve come to expect from him. Giggs is pretty consistent, and has slyly become one of the go-to guys for an impactful guest 16.

Loick Essien‘s unexpected #2 chart position with what was fundamentally an R&B record (with some inevitable ravey synths) has shifted the goalposts a touch. Even before that, it’s been looking like mainstream tastes are moving towards more credible music (from the UK’s black music scene at least – people seem to still be bewilderingly tolerant of the likes of the Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta). There’s a lot of male Pop/R&B vocalists around at the moment and there’s definitely not room for all of them at the top, but I’d expect at least a couple more to follow Loick through the door this year.

That might be a little too early for Angel, who’s still building up buzz and a fanbase, but with this, he’s shown the ability to craft a commercially accessible track that isn’t cheesy trash. It’s a talent that puts him in a great position to have a run at the mainstream next year.

One last thing – I’ll name my firstborn after anyone who can tell me who that girl standing next to Giggs during his verse is.  She was definitely the best thing about this video.

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