50 Cent f/ Kidd Kidd – ‘OJ’ | Music Video

50 Cent and G-Unit cohort Kidd Kidd lock it down for The Lost Tape‘s latest visual. Directed once again by Eif Rivera, the “OJ” video sees Fif and Kidd briefly living that jail life before being paroled and throwing their newfound freedom in their once-fellow inmates’ faces as they stroll out of the bing. Not a very nice thing to do.

Of course, this isn’t an actual depiction of jail life, ’cause real-life jail sucks. This jail had C.O.s that look like video vixens, lots of time outside of your cell, Cheez-Its (a real luxury), and in one shot you can even see Kidd Kidd’s big-ass chain underneath his jumpsuit. Still, the video is entertaining and that’s all that matters.

If you still haven’t downloaded The Lost Tape, stop playin’ and get your copy here.