Mobb Deep split? Havoc fires shots at Prodigy on Twitter | Music News

Even amidst numerous feuds (being involved in both the East Coast-West Coast and Jay-ZNas beefs), a surprising record deal (signing with G-Unit in 2005) and prison time, Mobb Deep have embodied a ride-or-die duo in hip-hop in a career that has spanned over 20 years. Today, however, it would seem that constant is no longer.

Producer-rapper Havoc fired shots, seemingly out of nowhere, at his counterpart Prodigy via Twitter, bringing his sexuality into question before threatening the rapper.

Of course, it would initially appear that Havoc’s account had been hacked. However, the Queensbridge native went on to tweet: “no hack this havoc”. Shade 45 co-host Devon Anjelica supports these claims, tweeting:

The beef seems all-too sketchy, considering Havoc had been showing his familiar dedication to the Mobb Deep duo only a day before, tweeting: “At the Knicks game reppin MOBB DEEP all day!! And we busting Chicago ass! I fuck wit Derrick rose tho” at an NBA game in New York.

How Prodigy responds should indicate whether this is legitimate beef or not. It’ll be a sad day for hip-hop if it is. Stay tuned.

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