Mike Dean talks Yeezus, Watch The Throne 2, and working with Tupac [Video]

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With Yeezus officially being released on Tuesday [18 June], renowned music producer Mike Dean stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss his involvement in the highly anticipated album, as well shedding some light on his early years in the hip-hop industry and confirming that a Watch The Throne 2 is in the pipeline.

Mike has acted as Kanye West‘s close confidante and go-to producer for some time now and when it comes to Yeezy making new music, it’s almost a given that Mike has had a hand in it too. So it comes as no surprise that the well known hit maker was right by Kanye’s side during the creation of Yeezus and he has nothing but positive words to say about the project.

In this chat with HuffPost Live, Mike nonchalantly speaks about some of the huge names he has worked with during his career – including Scarface, Tupac, Jay-Z and of course, Yeezy. And as well as showcasing his light hearted and laid back character, Mike drops a number of insightful gems about hip-hop in the ’90s right up until now, which makes for some seriously interesting viewing.

Speaking to Ricky Camilleri about what it’s like to be in the studio with Kanye these days, Mike said: “[Kanye] is more the producer that oversees everybody now. He gets teams of producers to work under him… We’ll have eight producers putting parts on to one song and then we’ll just pick through it, pick what’s good… It’s like the most intense production you’ll ever see.”

He added: “[Yeezus] is kind of the evolution of Kanye and me too really…”

Dean also confirms that plans for Watch The Throne 2 are already in motion; “We’re not working on it yet, we’re just talking it about it…. I actually talked to Jay about it last week… I don’t want to do any spoilers.”

Watch below as Mike discusses Yeezus and also touches on spending time with Tupac, his run-ins with former CEO of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, and his love for guns.