Mick Jenkins – “The Water” | New Music

Mick Jenkins

Chicago’s production of Hip-Hop hit makers and lyricists recently has been amazing and Mick Jenkins looks likely to follow suit, especially amongst the latter group. Produced by highly rated Montreal producers High Klassified and Da-P, “The Water” is the first single from Mick’s upcoming project, The Water[s].

Jenkins continues to add more to his lyrical body of work with this track, which is by far one of his strongest tracks so far due to the powerful message of gratitude it spreads, with the highlight of the track being the chorus; “Water more important than gold, people, fuck the gold/ Everybody do it for gold, people, save your soul.” As well as giving you food for thought, the track has an addictive, smooth yet booming minimalistic beat matched well by Mick’s on point flow. Listen below.