Michael Uzowuru – ‘The Immaculate Conception’ (Instrumental) | New Music

Succeeding a number of releases with his emceeing partner Vince Staples, Californian beatsmith Michael Uzowuru goes solo to deliver his latest output, “The Immaculate Conception”. With sequence of sensual synths and grounded hypnotic drum loops weaved into one dizzying melody, this one sounds like another winner from the occasional Odd Future-collaborator. Frank Ocean showed love to the song via his Tumblr, so it’s no surprise the track has amassed over 19,000 plays in little over 24 hours.

Read Uzii’s words on “The Immaculate Conception” below:

To me my songs are paintings and emotional scenes. music is usually “marketed” to a certain type of person, or a person doing a certain thing. but i guess mine is created to be embraced and enjoyed by people who feel a certain way, whether it be happy or sad and everything in between… it’s pure emotion, free to be interpreted however you’d like.

The beat starts of with like warm string chords. then there’s like a light medley of flutes playing that come in. Then a real grainy sweeping type violin/string section comes in. Then a drums come in. And then a trumpet mirrors the flute medley and that comes in and out throughout the whole song.

Listen: Michael Uzowuru – “The Immaculate Conception”