Michael Uzowuru – “Glass” | New Music

Sometimes, being short and sweet is the way to go – but being short and dark can work too. On that note, here’s some new music from frequent Odd Future collaborator, LA producer Michael Uzowuru, in the form of “Glass.” 

Uzowuru who is responsible for Odd Future members Hodgy Beats’ “April 27th,” and Domo Genesis‘ “Cashmere,” released this new dark instrumental gem via his Tumblr page out of nowhere a few days ago.  The end result, makes for a pretty interesting, and short track.

Uzowuru is currently working on a full length collaborative project with frequent collaborator, Los Angeles based rapper Vince Staples.  The two have released several tracks together notably: “Versace Raps,” “Gold Chain Ricky,” and “Barreta Scott King,” so a collaborative project only would be the natural progression.  

The LP will be released later this year, no exact release date at this time.

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