Michael Jackson Meets Fela Kuti Mashup Album: The King Meets The President In Africa

Genius. The King Meets The President In Africa is a brand new Michael Jackson “vs” Fela Kuti mash-up/remix project from Rich Medina and The Marksmen Guerilla Production Networks. Perfect summer barbecue soundtrack!

It’s about to go straight onto my iPod – if you want to do the same, click to download.

Further info, trailer and tracklist below:

The King Meets the President in Africa Fela Ransome Kuti and Michael Joseph Jackson mash in thematic, musical and spiritual unity in ten vibrant instances, with results that deliver pure mind/body juju.

At first glance that conclusion rings counter intuitive, if only because the very idea of wrenching the distinct compositions of these two masters into a singular, workable groove seems improbable —if not outright impossible. Michael is, well, Michael. And as anyone who’s ever mixed or danced to a Fela record can attest, his songs are highly organic, ever evolving, ever changing records, the complete antitheses of modern beat-machine music—not exactly prime candidates for blending.

Yet, blend they do. The outcome? Mental and dance-floor dynamite! –Selwyn Seyfu Hinds


  1. Remember The Time (Roforofo Remix)
  2. Billie Jean Is Shakara
  3. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
  4. Human Nature vs I No Get Eye For Back
  5. Zombie Thriller
  6. Earth Song vs Sorrow Tears & Blood
  7. Beat I.T.T.I Want You Back vs Water No Get Enemy
  8. A.B.C. – African Beat Class (African Rhythms)
  9. Rock With You (Afro Brazillian Mix)

Once again, here’s that download link.


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