MeLo-X f/ Elle Pierre – “Finer Things” (Prod. By MeLo-X & Sango) | New Music

Melo X finer things
After bringing us GOD:LoFi and GOD:HiFi, today MeLo-X gives us the first single from the forthcoming third and final instalment of the GOD EP series, GOD:WiFi.

“Finer Things” sees the Brooklyn hailing rapper/producer and artist joining forces with Elle Pierre of rising indie band Nele on guest vocals and Sango on co-production duties to bring us a “sexy/trill/Latin/soul/underworld vibe with sensuous vocals”. Give it a spin below.



You ain’t never hear me on no shit like this
You a pessimist better exit quick
cuz I got no time for your fragile mind
Sit back and watch how I handle mine
Like a brain sergeant when my aims working
You and I could never be the same person
U gassed up you ass bruh
baby ass niggas may need burping
And i ain’t no baby sitter
I’m an animal bite with rabies in it
You come inna my house don’t bring no scared business in it get it
coming from the Belly of the beast
Where the melody is screeching tires
shots get fired as we sleep
Those are our lullabies
Sleep and dream of alot dollar signs

Sweet dreams can become a nightmare tho
with Fuck niggas in your earlobe
talking bullshit make a nigga wish he had a full clip
to just pop it off
pop..and just stop it all
just for the moment to keep my focus
on the finer things in life
finer things in life uuuh


The Finer things
Like designer rings
I design these things
To keep your mind wondering
Through space and time
Divine mind state when I scribe these lines
The lack of persistence is a crime
Make doe I get my bake on like swine
Fine that’ll go over ya head
But its up too you to look up
better pick a book up
Breathe easy no time for the hick ups
Be easy and prepare for the stick up
Now that im in the game I’m robbing these lames
for everything they got
the rings the watch the shoes
the socks nigga I don’t give fuck
Skee mask as I’m gunning to the top



I believe in you
pay no mind to the naysayers
realize all your desire aim higher
I’ll stay by your side through the fire
I’ll see you through X6

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