Meek Mill argues with Pastor on Philadelphia radio [Audio]

MMG rep Meek Mill has been embroiled in a bit of controversy since releasing his latest single “Amen,” particularly from Philadelphia pastor Jomo K. Johnson, who has launched a full-fledged crusade against Mill including diss records, a boycott and the publication of a 53-page book entitled No Amen: Why Boycotting Meek Mill Will Save Hip-Hop. Considering that this crusade was launched with Johnson never having met or spoken to Mill directly, Q Deezy of Philly radio station Hot 107.9 put the two men in contact with each other Wednesday evening for what quickly became an extremely contentious on-air conversation.

Johnson was a guest on the Q Deezy Show Tuesday night, and during his appearance he verbalized his grievances Mill, which included what Johnson considered blasphemy against Jesus Christ and the promotion of rape and violence. Wednesday’s call was Mill’s opportunity to respond, and he became agitated very quickly. He accused Johnson of using his name as an attempt to gain attention for himself and questioned why Johnson hadn’t reached out to him directly before embarking on his boycott. Mill said that he would have gladly discussed with Johnson any issues or concerns, and would have even agreed to appear at or donate money to Johnson’s church.

Every attempt Johnson made to respond to Mill was drowned out, as Mill grew increasingly angry as the call progressed, saying that he’d been disrespected and was no longer willing to listen to anything Johnson had to say. Mill returned to his theory that Johnson was simply trying to gain fame, questioning why he was the only Philadelphia MC being called out.

Needless to say, this was a very heavy conversation (and I use that term lightly). Q Deezy tried his best to moderate, but there was only so much he could do.

Listen for yourself below.

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